The Ultratrail Collserola 2015 will start in Barcelona

The Ultratrail Collserola 2015 will start in Barcelona

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The Helly Hansen Ultratrail Collserola by Compressport, in this 3rd edition, presents two important changes. First, the start will be in Barcelona, from Llars Mundet. Because of the new start there are completely new routes for the Mitja Volta and La Popular, equally attractive but somewhat a shorter route for the first and longer for the second. Also, the Ultratrail Collserola route inverts its direction in one loop and gets some extra kilometers.

The second major new is the creation of a new race: 10 km, called TrailBCN. It has been created as requested by not few runners. This fourth distance is intended to be a trail running initiation.

You can already check the program in the web and soon you will also have the tracks for 2015 routes.


Author: lanovafita