Timing and Live GPS Tracking

Timing and Live GPS Tracking

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Cronometratge ChampionChip ®
Cursa Participant Lliga Championchip 2014

As it was already did in the first edition, this year’s race can be followed live on the web. Check points passing times of runners  will be posted and updated on the web page. In adition of finish line time, the Ultratrail Collserola runners will have times posted of 6 points, Mitja Volta 3 points and La Popular 1. Timing this year will be done with ChampionChip (http://www.championchip.cat/).

This year, La Popular is part of the ‘Lliga ChampionChip’.

Live GPS tracking

This year the Ultratrail Collserola is offering to all participants an optional real-time tracking tracktherace.com is the platform that will share with everybody the position of the runners in real time. All runners can now hire the tracking service.

To read more about this service, fees and hiring link check this page (+).


Author: Monica