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The three races, La Popular, Mitja Volta and UTC will be marked with the same type of marks. You will find specific signals where the races split, in the points you will find people from the organization that will indicated you the right direction.

Type of marking,

1. The course of the three races will be marked in three ways:

a. With specific and personal tape Ultratrail Collserola, with reflective details in the sections that you would be run at night. In the sections that there is no chance of getting lost (without crossing roads or trails) you will find tape every hundred meters.


b. With ephemeral painting, arrows and X marked, on the ground.


c. With arrows and road signs prohibited paper posters were hung in the indicators of the nature park or urban elements that are not trees.


2. Throughout the race you will find people from the organization that will help you in conflicting junctions and important crossroads.

Keep in mind that the area is frequented by many people and could disappeared somewhere marks. There will be controllers along the entire race to ensure that all times the race is well marked. But you can not forget that it is a mountain race and you should be aware in changing directions.

The organization will give a map of the to all participants, with which you will be able to help if in a doubt.

Author: lanovafita