Sign up for the waiting list



As soon as spots are sold out for a race, the waiting list will be open for signing up.  Every time a spot is available (due to cancelation or a change of race), the first runner on the waiting list will receive an email that will inform that he/she has been granted a spot and should complete the registration. Runner will have a reasonable timeframe to do it. If he does not complete registration, the spot will be given to next runner in the list.

There is only one waiting list. The list includes the runners that did not get a spot and those who got one but want to change to a circuit that has no spots available. First in, first out.



Signing up for the waiting list is free. In case the runner finally registers, the fee to pay will be the fee of the race at the moment of registration for the race. In case runner is changing of race, if changes to a lower race, there will be no refund. If the runner changes to a superior race, the runner has to pay the difference (fee of new race at the moment of change – fee already paid).