How to get there and parking places

Competition Center, Start and Finish - Public Transportation

Competition Center: CEM Mundet – Carrer d’Olympe de Gouges, Barcelona (mapa)

How to get there with public transportation 

with Bus 27, 60, 73 or 76: bus stop 1148 Fundació Albà-Llars Mundet (map) + 9 min walk (550 m). Or the Bus stop 614 with opposite direction Pg de la Vall d’Hebron-Av Can Marcet (map) + 10 min walk (700 m) by underpass. More info at

with Bus V2 : bus stop 1147 Pg. Vall d’Hebron-Poesia (map) + 9 min walk (600 m). Or the Bus stop 704 with opposite direction Parc de la Vall d’Hebron (map) + 13 min walk (850 m) by underpass. More info at

with Metro to Mundet station of line L3 : exit Llars Mundet, 600 m distance to CEM Mundet (aprox 9 min walk) (map). More info at

Car Parking Places

Near the competition center CEM Mundet there is a parking area (Parking 1) that the day of the race will be reserved for the runners.

In the streets surrounding the Competition Center, there are places for parking in the street. Best choices for car park in the map below:

Mapa Parquing UTC 2015