David Serra Physiotherapy


Looking to offer the best services to the runners of the UTC, David Serra Fisioterapia and Ultratrail Collserola have signed again a partnership agreement. On November 21st a team of massage therapists will be available at the end of the race for all participants that request their services for free.

Photo: DAVID SERRA PHYSIOTHERAPY at the Ultratrail Collserola 2013

David Serra Physiotherapy

Since its beginning they have always been on the side of the sport and the athlete. They have been serving in many national and international sporting events and teams and have worked with professional and amateur athletes.

During these years created its own philosophy of work, due to a combination of different therapies, technologies and products, where communication and individualized treatment to their patients are the main focus.

Always slopes of the latest advances in physiotherapy, want to remain a leader in the application of the best therapies to provide effective solutions to their patients.

David Serra Physiotherapy and Sport

A David Serra Physiotherapy have specialized in sports physiotherapy, this is their passion. Sensations, feelings, pains typical of athletes … this is known to them.

His affinity with athletes makes creating a special bond with the patient. That is why they have become in recent years a reference in the world of sports.

Some elite athletes that have passed through his hands are the Maria Sharapova (No. 2 World in Tennis), Javier Gomez Noya (Silver Olympic Triathlon London), Fernando Belasteguin (No. 1 in Paddle World), Roger Rock (Duathlon World Champion), Marcel Zamora (Four times the Nice Ironman Champion), Victor del Corral (European Triathlon Champion Cros), Miquel Blanchart (European Triathlon Champion Long Distance).

Both they and you they offer all their professionalism so you can enjoy many years of sports.

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Photo: DAVID SERRA FISIOTERAPIA at the Ultratrail Collserola 2014