2015 Routes

2015 Routes

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We remember some of the highlights of the third edition of the Helly Hansen Ultratrail Collserola by Compressport.

The start is back in city of Barcelona, right next to Llars Mundet metro station. The new location means that there is almost no asphalt in the route before entering the park of Collserola but also generates some changes and new features compared to previous editions.

The UTC route (+) main change is the direction of one of the loops of the route in order to have the refreshment places where are best for the runners. For this reason the north-east loop will be run anticlockwise direction. This change does not affect either toughness or length of the race. The route of the other loop, the south-western loop, is changed to avoid an ecosystem sensitive area. This change is making the route longer, up to total of 85km, but does not make it tougher. On the contrary, some beautiful paths that were part of the short race of previous editions are used.

The Mitja Volta, meanwhile, has a completely new route (+), because instead of running the southwest loop of the UTC, the northeastern loop will be run. Elevation gain is very similar to previous editions but with different vegetation. The length is significantly reduced to 38 kilometers.

As for La Popular, it has a completely new route (+) of 23 kilometers in the northeast section of the park. It loses some of the views over the Llobregat area, but gets more leafy forests.

Finally, a new race, the Trail BCN, a race of 10 km planned for trail running beginners. The route (+) includes a starting urban section but also goes into the woods and Collserola. The slopes will also test participants.

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